Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day Everyone!

While we had a bit of rain first thing this morning here, Mother’s Day turned out to be real nice!  Sunny and warm all the way around!

This morning we got together with Chris and Kristina, along with Gwenny, and also David and Dianne, Chris’ Mom and Dad, and also Romona and Kevin, Chris’s Brother and his Wife, and we all attended Church Services to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Kristina and Chris had us all back to the house, where they BBQ two chickens up, and offered us all a great lunch!

Below we are enjoying coffee while Chris was cooking the chickens…


Gwenny enjoyed her own Mother Day lunch, as she is not quite into chicken yet…


Sure was nice to enjoy lunch outside today!


We had a great Skype phone call with Shawn and Jenn, along with Emmie and Paige after supper in Ottawa.  They are doing well, and finally report some nice weather hitting the Nation’s Capital City!  Plans on coming together for a road trip in June to Ottawa!  Can’t wait!

Of course, I called my Mother up in Orillia this afternoon.  It was nice to get up and see her this week along with Gwenny!

Hope everyone enjoyed a great Mother’s Day!  We did!

Welcome tonight to JudynEd Rice, our latest blog followers!

Till tomorrow…


  1. You all look like you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

    Isn't Skype the greatest!

  2. great day for a family celebration!!..Happy Mom day to all the Moms in your life!

  3. Looked to be another great family get together. It sure is nice to be able to have a BBQ outside in May as well.

  4. Family get togethers are always fun especially with BBQ'd chicken.

  5. Family and food are such a great combo.