Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Reporting live from Sauble Beach tonight!

Quite a bit cooler on the weather front in Woodstock this morning, (welcome).  As it was quite pleasant, I decided to carry on with the  cleaning and waxing of the RV… big job.  I did not have to meet up with Gerard to head to Sauble Beach until 2:00 up in Kitchener.   I was able to put 2 coats of McGuires Wax on the top nose cone of the RV… about the worse spot in the world to do!  Glad to have that section done!

Judy volunteered to give me a ride up to Gerard’s house, as Friday’s forecast is lots of rain, which is not fun if I decided to take my motorcycle up.  Gerard and I were on the road by 2:30 or so, and arrived by 4:00 is Sauble Beach. 

Gerard and Deb have a great 4 bedroom cottage, with an open concept layout.  That’s right, Deb and Judy stayed back down south, this is a MAN only cottage run!  There is work to be done!  Argg…argg…


Under the blue tarp you see below, is the water pump and pressure tank for the cottage.  We will prepare a new base with the patio stones you see in the foreground, and place the pump and tank, along with the hot water tank, on the new base.   The hot water tank is currently inside on of the bedrooms. 


To fill in our time tonight, we got out and worked after Gerard BBQ’d up some chicken for us!  Gerard fired up the Lawn Boy and cut the grass, while I fired up the Toro Leaf Blower, and cleaned up all the front and back decks.  There are people out there who think we came up here for fun only!  Heh… is what I say!  It is work, work, work!


Now, we may watch Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs tonight, but we won’t be enjoying it!  It will be like work!

Till tomorrow…


  1. the analogy of watching the game to work. I sometimes feel the same watching the Cleveland Indians. Why do we do this to ourselves?

  2. Always nice to travel off to a cottage & have a little something different to do while there. Nice change of routine. Been through Sauble a half dozen times over the years but never stopped long enough to put a foot in the water. My Dad had a cottage on Boat Lake near Sauble...........

  3. We have been to Sauble Beach many times and have always enjoyed "working" there in that atmosphere, no matter what I did. Don't "work" to hard.

  4. Glad you took time off to watch the hockey game - it was a good one!

    Moving the hot water tank outside? I'm anxious to see what that looks like.