Sunday, May 27, 2012

RV Repair Day…

Of course, right in the middle of having all our Company over last night for dinner, I walk out the door with a bunch of food in my hands, and “CRACK”… I felt the stairs to the RV do some funny things…

We had to put a temporary stool in place to enter and leave the RV, so today I had to get on the repair wagon, and see just what went wrong…

We have an automatic, 2 step system, that tucks up under the RV when you are driving down the road… however when parked, you can lock the steps in place so they are not going in and out all the time whenever to leave or enter.


First thing on this job… make sure you got some clothes on that you don’t like anymore!  Very important!  It is not clean under there… it did not take me long to figure out what went wrong… the actual motor that operates the steps, broke free from it’s mounting bracket and was just hanging around…  I have the motor in my hand in the pic below…


It was a bit strange, as the four bolts that hold the motor in place, all snapped off clean, at the same time… not sure why, however… They were metric threads on the bolts, so it involved a trip into Canadian Tire, and Home Hardware to find the right hardware we needed to complete the job…



It is not a fun job, and now that I take blood pressure medication, it is not fun at all lying on your back… it makes me feel not so good, but you have to suck it up, and carry on! I eventually got it all put back together after a bunch of drilling and fooling around…


Steps are working fine again, but the big job was to come… clean up! 


Somehow, this job ended up taking most of the afternoon, by the time I was cleaned up… where does time go???  As Judy said… “Good thing you are retired!”  No kidding!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Great job! Aren't too many out there that could have fixed the steps without calling out for some additional help.

  2. Well done and good thing you are retired. Imagine if you were in a hurry to get that job done?

  3. We had a similar repair job about 5 years ago on our steps too. Like you said take your time get dirty and get it done, good thing we are retired.

  4. Great job. And not an easy one. We were lucky and never had that issue when we had the motorhome. Fifth wheel steps are all manual.

  5. Glad to hear Mr. Murphy is in Ontario these days.

    Good job on the repair. Maybe those bolts just sheared off one at a time and it wasn't until the last one let go that the problem occurred?