Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Can you “Dig It”…

All that work I did on Monday was just getting me all primed up for the real stuff!  Chris and Kristina wanted a section of the front lawn dug out so a big flower bed can go in.  Wanting some physical working out kind of stuff, I volunteered to help dig it out!  Could not have picked a nicer day to do it on… WOW… 27 deg. C. and nothing but sun, kind of reminded me of a nice day at DHS.

That whole section of green between the driveway and the sidewalk, had to be dug out… Kristina came out to lend a hand on the end of the shovel, as Judy was the caretaker for Little Gwenny!  (Also our guest photog today!)


While Kristina was on the phone to China, to see if they could see us yet, I was leaning on the shovel dreaming about being a tourist somewhere… Gwenny just did not care what she was doing… busy playing!


After looking a little closer, I think she was a bit mad I wouldn’t let her bring her tractor and trailer and help out!


After lunch Kristina and Gwenny were off in siesta land, while Judy helped me finish off!  Don’t ever trust a man wielding a pick axe!  All done!  Ready for a bunch of topsoil… next job!


Judy has our flower garden on our RV site all fixed up, and smelling good!


Great news!  The Park’s pool is ready!  This is the cleanest and nicest pool this side of Desert Hot Springs!  In the background, you can see the hot tub as well…  Gwenny is ready to go, as she has been taking swimming lessons all spring!  Judy reports the pool was at 76 deg. F. tonight… just about ready… bring on May 24 weekend!


Well, after 4 1/2 hours of digging today, Judy and I are simply chilling out at the RV tonight!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Beautiful garden, Judy!

    Gwenny looks so peaceful just playing away.

  2. you deserve a night to 'chill'!..that manual labor is hard work!

  3. Digging up a lawn is real hard work. On the other hand, mowing grass is a lot easier than pulling weeds in a flower garden! Maybe Kristina should just replant grass seed?

    Nice to see Gwenny smiling and playing outside in that nice weather.

    Break up the Los Angeles Kings!

  4. A nice day of volunteer work with family is always fun, 155 more days and heading back towards Desert Hot Springs, will go by quickly for us.

  5. OK, John, you're hired. We have some digging to do in our back yard and you clearly have the required skill set to get that done. When are you and Judy heading out west?