Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sauble Beach, Part Deux…

Up at the crack of dawn today at the cottage… well, OK, 7:30… close enough.   Enjoyed coffee and breakfast, while Gerard and I surfed the world on our computers… It’s a man thing, you wouldn’t understand!

Shortly after 8:00 the plumber showed up, and disconnected the water pump and pressure tank.  That just forced Gerard and me to start work on the outside job, of installing the new base… yes, the reason we came!

Below, we got the hole dug out first off…


Gerard found a root from a tree he did not like, so got a saw, and cut it out…


Root be gone…


While Gerard was cutting roots, I was the wheel man bringing in some gravel to set the base…


Put some calcite down on top of the gravel and all set for stones…



With our stones all in place below, all we needed was some pump equipment…


There we go, tank and pump set for the plumber… hot water tank to come…


At lunch time, we took a walk down to the shores of Lake Huron, only a block from the cottage… the water was cold!  No one around, as the kids are all still in school.


It is sure a different view, than along the Pacific Coast of California, but very impressive all the same! 



This afternoon, we started another project… this pic below is of the bedroom I am staying in… we dismantled the paneling from the wall, in order to insulate it from the room beside it, which happens to be the bathroom!  Seems there was complaints in the middle of the night of some kind of “tinkling” noises making their way into the bedrooms… I don’t know a thing about this! 


Augh… there is the new insulation below, fresh out of the Lexus…


By lunch time this afternoon, with a lot of our work done… (yes, we are fast…) we were able to take a break, head into Sauble Falls, and play nine holes of golf this afternoon, compliments of Gerard!  He was even so kind as to let me beat him this afternoon… this does not happen very often!   We had a big debate over why I was able to beat him, but that conversation will have to “stay in Vegas”… It was a glorious afternoon to play golf, and I enjoyed every minute and swing of it! 

After golf, we got back to the cottage, and it seems Gerard found a bottle of Crown Royal that must have been hidden inside the wall we took apart, so we had to sample it for quality control purposes… and it seems it was OK!   Only thing that could top off an afternoon like this, was a great BBQ steak dinner! 

That is about all I can handle today…

Till tomorrow…


  1. You two barely let the paint dry before you are onto another project. Can't wait to see how the room turns out.

  2. You guys are just way too busy and are making me tired. Glad you got the golf in there though. That helped me relax a bit.

  3. I like your work hours. I like your working conditions even better - golf, Crown Royal and a BBQ steak dinner.

    You've got a better deal than most Teamsters!

  4. That sure is the way I like to work too. Start early, done by noon, play for a while relax with a beverage and a nice BBQ'd dinner.

    It's tough life this retirement, but somehow we manage to get thru it.

  5. Phew, lot of hard work!
    But the Lake Huron area looks gorgeous! Even the trees around their driveway look like a vacation to me!

  6. I like your working conditions and the rewards. You two are brave to sample - for quality control purposes - the Crown Royal. I trust it passed the test.

    Sounds like a real good time with a bit of exercise thrown in to keep fit.