Thursday, May 3, 2012

From one extreme to another…

Holy Desert Hot Springs!  What a change in weather…  since we got home last Friday, we have been running our furnace and heaters constantly… not today!  25 deg. C. here today, with a whole bunch of good old Ontario humidity!  You could hardly breath, crazy… what a change.

This morning, we headed into Woodstock to take Gwenny to her swimming lesson at the Woodstock Southside Aquatic Centre.  What a great facility…  they even have tulips growing!


Gwenny is all charged up, can’t you tell!


In the year 2032, the Olympic Games will be held in Paris… (Ont. he-he) and Gwenny will be representing Canada in the Pool Sports… today was just a practice session!


There was five future Olympians in the pool this morning…


Gwenny actually can put her head right under the water… go figure…



Gwenny liked the flowers…


I spent the rest of the day out at the RV, and got 1/2 of it all washed up nice and clean again… 1/2 to go.  It was so hot today, you could hardly work outside!  Gwenny came out for a visit this afternoon at the RV to check on my progress, and I just had to get a picture of her slippers!  Come on!


Till tomorrow…


  1. That little Gwenny is something else! What a cutie pie.

  2. I will watching the Olympics in 2032 and rooting Gwenny on to victory.

  3. that Gwenny is getting pretty darn cute! the slippers!!

  4. I sure don't miss that Ontario humidity. Or working in it.
    I always find it so amazing how little kids have no fear of the water. That's the perfect time to get them in it.
    I'll put those Olympics on my calendar for a definite "must watch".

  5. Its sure was a hot sticky day but we had a bit of breeze here and I got our complete coach washed in the shade, then relaxed....

  6. Cute slippers! Who are the Toronto Maple Leafs? Not sure.....!LOL

    To expose these little kids to swimming - or other activities - is so smart. come Gwenny!

  7. A future Olympic champion swimmer for sure!

    Toronto Maple Leafs? Why would you do that to such a cute looking little baby like Gwenny??

  8. Great age to start learning to swim, we did the same with our three. Great looking picture of her with the slippers.