Thursday, May 17, 2012

Work, work, work, and a bit of time for fun!

Rick left a comment last night on the blog, indicating another 3 1/2 hours of blood sweat and tears on the soil sifter would fill the rest of the front flower garden… well he had it bang on!  He must have done this before…  no pictures of the work tonight, thought I would spare you all of that… more to come later.

There is a  Midway Show set up in Woodstock for the long weekend, so Kristina and I took Gwenny to check it out…

There was pretty much the regular fare for a Midway… built for the teenagers!


This is all set up in Southside Park in Woodstock… problem was this afternoon, around 4:00, there was no one there!


There is a great little lake, right inside the park complete with a dam…


It is very well done, and a river runs through the park below…


There was no rides small enough for our little Gwenny,  however there was a great park inside the park, imagine that!  Gwenny had a great time!


Gwenny had to get the gist of some of these park toys, so Kristina was the mentor!


She just loved these noise makers below…


Looks like she thought this slide was boring… not really, she liked it!


Before you know it, she will be riding down the open road with me on the motorcycles!


Hope everyone enjoys the long weekend… in Canada anyways!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Watching Gwenny on all those rides brings back so many great memories of the girls doing those exact activities. Enjoy your precious time with her.

  2. So much fun with Gwenny. Can't believe how empty the midway was. Looks like beautiful weather.

  3. The parks, playgrounds and midways, bring back so many memories with the young ones, enjoy every minute of it. We are going to have awesome weather for our Canadian long weekend too!

  4. Gwenny sure looked to be enjoying that little swing. Won't be long before she's whizzing around on the roller coaster. Great pictures as usual.

    Sorry I was bang-on with the soil job - that must have been hard work.

  5. Great photos of Gwenny's fun in the park. Sitting in the swing seemed like a perfect spot.

    Just think about the fitness benefit from digging all of that soil. I know, 'thinking' would be better than doing! LOL

  6. I love the little dam and river. I'm a big water person. Midway looks fun too! I'm getting excited for the county fair here. I haven't been to a county fair in a few years now so this should be good. =]

  7. Just wait......Gwenny will somehow convince you to go on the slides and rides with her.