Saturday, December 7, 2013

Apparenty, the answer is in the Stars...

I have been looking for answers all my life, sometime I think I find the answer, only to find out I am wrong again... For years people have been looking up to the Stars for answers...

About a year ago, our Son in Law, Chris, lent me his telescope! I have always wanted to break it out on a nice warm night and check out the answers to be found. Above, my two assistants are helping me find the right answer tonight, as the conditions were ideal.

This picture above is of the quarter moon showing tonight here in Central Florida. It is not very good, but give you a small idea of the answers I found. You can actually see some of the craters on the moons surface with this picture I snapped with the iPhone 5 of all things, through the lens of the telescope.

No, the telescope is not quite strong enough to catch this picture above, but I was looking. It is amazing how many craters there are on the moons surface. It is one big target for anthing that flies through space...this is one of the answers I found tonight.

Now, what peaked my interest to look tonight, is the fact that here in Florida anyways, the Planet Jupiter, is sitting just below the moon, slightly to the right. I wanted to see this planet on the telescope and found out one big answer tonight!

First let be qualify...I believe the planet to be Jupiter, not 100% sure, but almost! The big surprise in finding it in the telescope...(no, I did not take the picture of Jupiter above...) you can only see the lower half of the Planet tonight, even though it is super bright in the sky! With the naked eye it looks like a real bright star, but it looks like the moon does tonght...only half of it.

So, there you go... all the answers you were looking for...(or are there more?????)

Judy warned me tonight, not to brag too much more about our wonderful weather here in Florida, as I am at big risk of ticking off my readers who are not enjoying quite so nice weather. So, I cannot tell you it was 33 deg. C. here again today with nothing but sun! Poor George and Suzie in Texas are trying to put a set of skis underneath the front wheels of their motorhome so they can just get on the move again! Crazy weather going on! But, again, I am not allowed to talk to you about it for now...

This afternoon Judy and I went into Frostproof to run some errands, and I forgot my rope to tie my Jeep to the hitching post on the sidewalk. I hate it when I forget that! Had to just leave it in Park! At least I was not like Rick and Paulette out in B.C. sliding down hills with their Honda in the snow, trying to find answers!

I felt better looking around, as no one else seemed to have brought their rope either, and no cars were reported as missing or lost, so all was good. This was going to be one busy street tonight at 6:00 p.m., as I hear Santa is headed our way to greet the kids in Frostproof.

Judy lived up to her nick name of "Eagle" this afternoon, as we drove up north on the Scenic Highway to Lake Wales, as she found this Kid's Pac nN Plat and Stroller made by Graco at a yard sale. We may need these two items in the new year if Kristina and Chris manage to find a plane to fly them all down here for a visit! She got both for $35.00! Seemed pretty reasonable to me as I reached for the wallet! They are in great shape!

Well, it is just about time to take in the Toronto/Ottawa game on CBC tonight... yup, still looking for answers!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Sure hope you get the answers you are looking for in the stars and faraway planets. LOL

    Enjoy the sun and heat.

  2. I think it's cold everywhere but Florida. Don't want you to feel left out so am sending some snow your way - watch for it in the skies!

  3. I don't have any answers. But, I do have a question - "do you know how truly, absolutely, incredibly annoying it is to hear every day that you are enjoying sunshine and 30C+ temps every day while the rest of North America is in an ice box"?

    If it weren't for the fact that Judy was there with you I'd ask all your readers to concentrate hard and put a hex on Frostproof and turn it into Ice Station Zebra!