Sunday, December 15, 2013

Took life easy today...

Started off the morning with pitter patter hitting our roof of the RV, which soon turned into a bit of a downpour. We were just getting ready to head up to Winter Haven for Church, when it hit. It was real warm out though, and it kind of felt nice running out to the Jeep.

This afternoon, we joined up with Tom and Cheryl, and made our way to the rec hall... Judy told us it was ice cream social time!

We are just trying to break them into this lifestyle easy at first... we will get to the heavy duty stuff soon.

Judy and I headed back up to Winter Haven around 5:00 this afternoon, to take in the kids Christmas Concert at the Church we attend. 18 of them did a fantastic job to put everyone in the Spirit of Christmas!

Watching all those kids in the play makes one hungry of course, so Judy and I decided to dine out tonight at Bob Evans Restaurant, in Lake Wales. This is a Family type Restaurant, and tonight we enjoyed a 3 course Turkey Dinner for $10.00! Not sure how they can do this and make money, but that is no longer my business to try and figure out! I just get to enjoy, and I must say I did enjoy dinner tonight.

We managed to sneak in a nice Facetime call with Charlie this afternoon...well, maybe Mom and Dad were there too... (Gwenny was sleeping...) Check out this sleeper Charlie is wearing... it looks like a Tux, with a bow tie and the whole bit... what will they tink of next! Charlie was in great spirits this afterrnoon! Didn't say much though...

Till tomorrow...



  1. Awww, cute picture of Charlie! Wish you had a video of the Christmas program - I just love watching the little kids in church Christmas programs. You never know what they'll do next.

  2. Charlie is so cute in his tux. We love Bob Evans restaurants - so sad they don't have any out west.

  3. Charlie is looking good in his Tux.
    Looks like you are enjoying every day there.

  4. I think Charlie and Mason are clearly leading the way in little man styling - a couple of handsome little dudes!!

    A Turkey Dinner for $10? That's where I'd be going on Christmas Day.