Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tampa Day Tripper!

Thanks to everyone for the great comments on last nights blog. It has been quite the process for Shawn and his Family to get where they are today, and we hope to be able to announce where they will end up early next year. Time will tell.

We sure got our nice weather back here again. We decided to take a day trip over to Tampa today, as Tom and Cheryl wanted to go and check out Costco. It is about an hour and fifteen minute drive over for us.

We were all hungry when we got there, so enjoyed a Costco lunch before shopping began. But as you know, they give you all these free samples at Costco to eat, so all I needed was a drink, and we could have held "Happy Hour" right in Costco!

We left Costco and headed over to show Tom and Cheryl the Manatees Viewing Area, over at the Big Bend Power Plant which is located on the East side of Tampa Bay. We were there last year. The Manatees hang out here in big numbers due to the warm water released by the Power Plant, as they are a warm blooded mammal.

There were quite a few people visiting today, as it was pretty nice out...Judy and Cheryl even spotted a couple stingrays breach out of the water in the bay... something you do not see everyday for sure... no pictures of that, as I am not that fast on the draw!

Here is Mom and a couple babies who looked pretty young... They can grow to over 15 feet!

It looked to us based on the fish chart, that these are Black Tipped Sharks in the center of the picture. There was a lot of them swimming around in the warm water. The thermometer showed the water at 80 deg. F. I also saw some really big Tarpons.

Judy was hamming it up for the camera... had a great day!

Meanwhile back in snow country, Charlie is really liking to stand up with a bit of help from Mom... soon to be walking?????

Chris and Kristina made a visit to Santa at the Mall, and Charlie was liking Santa's knee, but Gwenny liked the security of Mom's knee, but was real happy when Santa gave her a candy cane and colouring book!


Everybody seems to be getting to see Santa except me!!!!!! What gives???

Till tomorrow...



  1. Another fun day putting on lotsa miles, sounds like a fun time.

  2. Great pics of the grandkids with Santa - Charlie knows who to butter up to at Christmas that's for sure.

    It's funny how our little guys love to stand up now. Mason loves to stand up and just jump, jump, jump.