Friday, December 13, 2013

What... a new Toy???

I was out this morning first thing, and pedalling my butt around Rainbow Resort to the tune of 5 miles! That will get you heart pumping first thing in the morning... Judy was off to Zumba first thing to keep her body moving....

Judy was mentioning that someone with the Resort had a vidio camera there this morning and was going to post the vidio on the Resort's Facebook Page... there will be no video of my biking!

Tom got up this morning while I was biking, and washed his big GMC 3500 down. It is hard to tell by the shadows and light in the picture above, but it is nice and clean. Yes, I had my motorcycle out this morning for a beautiful drive... another great day weather wise. Tom and I also got his Verizon Internet working from the utility post on his site... that took a bit of work.

Our Motorcycle Club makes big time use of the CB Radio system when they are out on the rides to keep in touch with everyone. The Honda Goldwings all come with a CB Radio's, so are fully equipped. My Honda Shadow does not come with one, but I fixed that today. I bought the Radio you see above, a Cobra Roadtrip, portable CB Radio. It has the full 40 Channels available on the CB Range, and came with a couple different antennas. The extra one is meant for when using inside a car, and you can mount it on the roof, for better reception. I don't have a picture of it, but I got this radio mounted on my handle bars of my Honda, so now I will be able to stayed tuned to all the happenings during the rides. We bought this radio on Amazon, for $78.00 and it works really well. It was shipped here in 3 days from Oregon of all places, about as far away from here as you can get! It also has the 10 channel National Weather service, in the U.S. and Canada.

Till tomorrow...



  1. You will never be out of touch with that new CB. That it can do double duty in the RV is bonus too!

  2. You will never be out of touch with that new CB. That it can do double duty in the RV is bonus too!

  3. "He who has he most toys wins"!!

  4. We have always had a CB since the 70's, it does come in handy for weather reports, traffic reports and when travelling with others. Good deal.