Saturday, December 14, 2013

What??? Working on the Weekend!

I could tell right away when I woke up this morning that our nice 80 deg. F. temperatures were coming back today. They last couple days had been a bit cooler, so nice getting back to the good stuff.

I walked down to check on Tom this morning, as he was grumbling last night something about getting up early and washing his rig!

I could see him up on the roof a mile away!

After he completed the roof, he started on the sides, and I followed around after him, and did the drying using my squeegee, so the rig is now nice and clean. We finished up by noon.

While Tom and I were working away on his rig, Judy was down checking out the Craft Show that was on down in our Rec Hall. I can't believe I missed this event... I blame Tom for making me work on the wash job!

Judy reports it was an active show with lots of did I miss this???


Shawn and Jenn posted a great picture of Emmie and Paige tonight, all dressed up with their hair all curled, ready to head out to a Christmas Party in Ottawa.

Now check out this device above, sitting in the snow... what do you think is inside of it???

Gwenny and Charlie of course... heading out for a walk with Mom in the snow... southern Ontario, including Toronto is getting dumped on as I type this blog this evening...

Not sure if this link will work or not below, but give it a try if you wany to see some big time Zumba going on down here at Rainbow Resort... Judy might even be in the vid.

Till tomorrow...



  1. I said the same on Cheryl's site a few minutes ago. It hasn't stopped all day but TO is supposed to get it worse. Save some of those warm temps for us when we get there between the holidays. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I never knew you helped wash other RV'ers rigs. Good to know.

    Great pic of the cute little granddaughters all set to go out and party.

    As for Gwenny and Charlie - they just look like they want to stay warm - still cute though.

    Way to Zumba Judy!

  3. I never thought of washing vehicles as work. I enjoy it the fresh air, exercise and a good way to inspect the whole rv at the same time.
    Nice to have the warm weather back agin too.