Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas is for Family and Kids!!!



Jenn is ready for winter in Ottawa!

Chris does story time...

Yup, that's my Mom back there... What a Tux!

Internet lines took a beating!!!


Yup, looks like another great Christmas!


Till tomorrow...


  1. looks like the kids had a great time!!!

  2. Gotta love today's technology,makes our travelling perfect, almost like being at home, only warmer.

  3. Great pics of the kids. Love that first one of Emmie.

    Looks like Charlie has caught on to this present stuff too!

    What would we do without Facetime and G+? Airline tickets??

    I trust you and Judy had a great Christmas Day just as we did!

  4. Those grand kids of yours seemed thrilled with Santa's visit. The big kids too!

    To share it with them - visually- is special too.