Thursday, December 26, 2013

Let me take you on a ride...

Here is hoping everyone enjoyed and had a fantastic Christmas! Thanks to Facetime, we were able to enjoy time with all our Family members, who all seem to be up in Canada with real winter!

So you can see Santa above with a nice iPad...right! Well, when he came to Frostproof, he left Judy a nice iPad Mini! She was really excited and loves her new iPad. I want to take you on a ride now, on how to obtain a new iPad!

First, you send Santa a nice email, and I did this through the Apple Store, asking Santa for a nice new iPad Mini for Judy. Of course, after receiving this order, Santa checks your Visa Card to make sure all is in order, and then forwards the instructions to the Elves to deliver a new iPad.


Now in this case, Santa sent a memo to the Elves in Shanghai, China! The Elves shipped the iPad via UPS Delivery, and I was able to track the progress of it all. Last Friday, it left Shanghai in the morning...(their time...whatever that is...)

Before you knew it, the iPad landed in Ancorage, Alaska...right beside Santa's home! After a short stay there, it was off again, this time to...

Louisville, Kentucky of all places...why not! Did not stay there too long before heading south to:

Jacksonville, we are starting to get warm! The Elves then put the iPad on a truck to the big City of .........

Lake Wales, only about a 20 minute ride north of our Park. The iPad was put on the truck, and was delivered by mid morning on MONDAY. (3 days after leaving China!) I thought this was pretty good service, and the Elves did not even charge us for delivery of Judy's present! Thanks Santa!

Yesterday on Christmas Day, we did something a little different...

We took a bus trip, out of our Park over to Fort Myers, to attend the Dinner Theatre, known as The Broadway Palm Theatre! They had a Christmas Special Performance put on, with about 600 people to take it all in. First, you enjoy a great buffet dinner...turkey, ham, beef, fish, potatoes, full salad bar, triple desert table, you get the picture, you simply eat too much, and we all did!

We had fantastic seats, right in front of the stage, so did not miss a thing! It was nice, as we did not have to drive, just enjoy the day!

After all the eating yesterday, Tom and I were out walking first thing this morning, wearing off all that turkey! Judy spent some time getting her new iPad set up with her music and a bunch of Apps. This afternoon, we had Tom and Cheryl, Bill and Karen over for an all Ontario Happy Hour... we might have brought up the subject of all the ice cold temperatures, and mounds of snow they have up there, just a few times, as we all sat around in our shorts and T's enjoying 80 degrees!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Santa and his delivery service was amazing and by the way..of course Santa mail would be free!!

  2. Pretty amazing trip all the way from Shanghai in just 3 days!

    Christmas dinner sounded pretty good too!

  3. Sounds like a great Christmas day and love this awesome weather.
    Santa sure is pretty efficient with those apple products, tell Judy to enjoy.

  4. Three days from China is amazing. Glad you weren't one of those who didn't get their presents in time for Christmas.