Saturday, December 21, 2013

No, I have not forgotten how to Blog...

Yikes, a couple days off from Blogging... will I ever be the same??? Been pretty busy doing a bunch of stuff, and enjoying time here in Florida, and just not getting around to doing the Blog...that is all I have...

We have had great Florida weather the past few days again, well up in the 80"s with lots of sun.

This morning we had a Garage Sale day at the Park, and we ended up selling $60.00 worth of stuff... worked out well. Sold an older solar panel for charging small batteries... a CB Radio I did not use any more, and an air pump that I bought, but did not really like. I asked Santa for a new one this year, so here is hoping!!!

We went out shopping this afternoon with Tom and Cheryl, and stopped for lunch at the Egg House in Lake Wales. I really enjoyed it, and people line up here constantly to eat, so we figured it had to be good. It was.

Above we stopped at this store, called Poor and Broke! We were looking for RV parts, but they did not have what we wanted... fun to look around at though.

We did end up out at the Camping World Store in Bartow, about a 30 minute drive for us on a great afternoon. We needed to replace the toilet in our RV. We have a Thedford Toilet now and the flapper device was not closing properly. It was wearing out on us!

This is what we bought to replace it. This is made by Dometic, who make a bunch of RV stuff like your Fridge. These cost about $200.00 but I found it on their Web Site for internet sale only at $139.00 and I talked the store into selling it to us for this price. It is a dirty job thought to change these out!!!!!!!!


Cheryl cooked up a great ham and scalloped potatoe dinner for us tonight, and while enjoying happy hour outside before dinner, we had the little visitor you see above come and visit us. He was pretty harmless.

Till tomorrow...


  1. Your visitor looked like he just might want to join you for dinner.

  2. Changing out the toilet is a crapy job. Hey, I said it first.....and someone had to say it!

  3. Good luck with your new purchase. A necessity indeed!

  4. We had a problem with out toilet a few years ago, not closing properly. We were in Ontario and did not want to sped the three hundred dollar there for a new toilet. So I ended up taking it apart and cleaned up the mechanism. Was a messy job but is still working fine.

  5. Good luck with that toilet change. If it were me, I'd be leaving that job to do until after Christmas with the sure knowledge that in the end I'd have to call an RV tech to come in and fix up the crappy job I did.