Monday, December 2, 2013

They tell me it will get better...

The weather that is... not so sure about my back! We ended up with another overcast day here, no rain however. The temperature was great at around 78 deg. F. so you end up enjoying the day as it is so warm! Judy tells me the sun is on the way though for the rest of this week, so things are looking up.

I took things easy again today, as my back is still causing a few small problems. Reading a good book I found in the Resort Library, by Tom Clancy... "The Teeth of the Tiger".

This is sure a Spy vs. Spy book, if you like that kind of storey, written in a way only Tom can write it.

Judy was off to walking exercise class this morning, and then she took in the Zumba Class this afternoon! What do you thing she did between those events???

She was throwing hoops of all things... they have a great 1/2 Basket Ball Court down by the Pickle Ball Courts. And if that was not enough, she moved indoors...

She was showing me the fancy tricks to her pool game... was mumbling something about cleaning Tom's clock for him when he gets down here in a couple of weeks. They have a terrific Pool Hall here, with 3 nice tables for the crowds.

A quick trip up to Lake Wales Publix Store wrapped up our afternoon for some needed grocery items.

Till tomorrow...



  1. Hope your back gets better soon, I have suffered over 30 years with back problems and it is really nice when there is no pain. Then suddenly I can be down and out again.

  2. That back problem sure seems persistent. Hope it starts to feel better soon so you're able to resume your full activities.

    Judy's making up for you though by throwing down hoops and becoming a pool shark.