Sunday, December 22, 2013

I should listen to Rick more often...

Beautiful day here today, but not quite so back in Canada!

I borrowed this pic above off of our Daughter, Kristina's Blog today... lots of freezing rain, over most of Canada it seems! Everything was cancelled or closed today. Sure going to put a lot of travel plans on hold for the Holidays...

This afternoon I started the installation of our new RV toilet that we purchased yesterday. In all fairness to myself, I did not get a chance to read Rick's comment on last night blog... it went like this:

"Good luck with that toilet change. If it were me, I'd be leaving that job to do until after Christmas with the sure knowledge that in the end I'd have to call an RV tech to come in and fix up the crappy job I did."

Seems I should have read that comment first... I got the old toilet out, real easy, and I got the new toilet installed on the flange with no problem. The fun began when I tried to hook up the water line to the new toilet... it is kind of nice to be able to flush them. No way... the fitting just would not stop leaking, and I am not talking about just a few drops... it is a constant gush of water coming out of the fitting... wouldn't you just know it, on Sunday afternoon of course when everything is closed!

So, we sit in the RV toight with no running water of course, and a pail full of water within arms length! Oh boy, your worst nightmare!

So, I will be off to the RV Dealership tomorrow morning, getting a new fitting, which hopefully I can install, or there will be a call to the RV Dr. to come in and clean up my mess!

Till tomorrow...



  1. some jobs are meant for the professionals! least you have a bucket of water to flush with!

  2. Jim had to do some tweaking when he installed our new toilet. Things just never do go as smoothly as we think they should.

  3. I'm the world's worst amateur plumber. I was just giving advice based on my own experience and my own disasters with water leaks.

    Sure hope you get the right clamp, fixture or whatever to get the toilet fixed.

    I feel your pain....I really do!

  4. Egads....not the way you want to spend a Sunday or any day for that matters of fact.

    Good luck with the repair.

  5. Good luck, should be a pretty easy fix, WHEN you get the right part. Good luck.

  6. Ho hum....! Just what you don't need now.....or anytime, for that matter. I hope you get it fixed with the right part.

  7. When we switched out toilets the water supply didn't match with the new toilet so I had to cut the lines and install the new fittings. Took 3 trips to the RV parts dept, the last as it was closing. Took me to about 10p but we had water overnight.