Friday, December 6, 2013


So, I am getting the odd report here and there on the media around here, that it may be cold and snowing in other parts of the country! Imagine that. They actually said that 2/3rds of the U.S.A. is receiving snow, ice, cold, or any mixture of. I am pleased to report we are living in the other 1/3rd. It was over 85 deg. F. here today...hotter than you know what with the sun out in full force!

Judy was off dancing with the Zumba Dancers early this morning and I was walking the Park for a couple miles. Gotta keep these bodies moving!

We were off for Sebring at 11:00 this morning on the motorcycles. We wanted to make the weekly Friday Motorcycle Ride of the Club we joined up with last night.

Today's trip was about a 2 hour drive south down to Okeechobee.

One thing about staying in the central part of Florida, you do not run into much traffic, especially if you stick to the back roads, and that is exactly what the motorcycle club does. I gave up counting orange trees today!

We met up with 13 other bikes from the Club today at the Subway Mall down at Sebring. After we staged, we were all set to go! Check out the Charlie Brown sky.

Half way down we found a lovely park area to stop for a rest, and make the 50/50, we didn't win.

I want you to meet Bill and Sharon Poer above. Judy and I sat with them at the Golden Coral Restaurant where we stopped for lunch...remember, drive to eat???

Bill and Sharon drive this beautiful Honda Goldwing Trike. This is their story! Remember the name of this blog? 1,000,000 right? Bill and Sharon have logged over 1,000,000 miles on a motorcycle! It has taken them over 40 years to do so. Imagine this, if you drive 69 miles every day, for 40 years, (14,600 days) you will accomplish 1,000,000 miles! They completed the feat on a series of different Honda Goldwings over that time, and they still own 3 of them! They have been through every Province and Territory in Canada. ( We have not).

What a great couple to meet, and enjoyed listening to them talk about the years spent riding. We were back home by 5:00 tonight, just in time for happy hour!

Till tomorrow...



  1. How good it was to get a group ride in. 1,000,000 miles leaves Jeanette & I with having to ride another 750,000 to meet the blue GoldWing couple's mileage. We rode another 200 mikes in the Chiricahua mountains today though.

  2. That's a whole lotta miles! Good for them for doing what they love. That weather you heard about landed in Eugene, OR today. Got 8" of snow and VERY cold. Unusual for us. We could send it your way if you want!!

  3. Good to see you getting out with a club.......plenty of great back country roads in that area.....have a great winter....will be following along.....

  4. Ya, ya, ya! Hot, hot, hot!

    It does sound pretty nice though. I'm hoping the cold weather in the rest of the country eases up some in the next week for sure.

    1 Million miles on a motorcycle? Pretty incredible.

  5. Now hot sounds real good right now to actually anything above freezing would be good.
    Keep enjoy you warm weather and sending pictures this way.