Saturday, December 28, 2013

What a turkey!

Well, just not a whole lot to blog about today.... just one of those days!

Judy and Cheryl spent most of the afternoon, in the Rec Hall at the Monster Bingo Game this afternoon.

However, even with a $250.00 grand prize in the last game, they both came back with the big "L" on the forehead!

Tom and I went down to Avon Park to visit the Ace Hardware Store, and bought a few things we did not really need, easily passing the Bingo Game!


This evening though, Judy and Cheryl whipped up a fantastic Turkey Dinner for us! It was great! Bill joined us for dinner, however Karen was under a bit of weather today, so she had to pass.

It was overcast today, but still very warm... tomorrow indicates rain on the way, to keep everything here green... we will see.

Till tomorrow...