Thursday, December 12, 2013

New arrivals!

Tom and Cheryl, good friends from Ontario, left all the snow and cold behind on Monday, and landed down here in Frostproof around 2:00 this afternoon!

The GMC Truck is actually black in colour, not grey you see above... they came through a lot of nastier type weather before getting here, so the hose and bucket will sure get some work shortly I am sure.

They did have problems on the first day of the trip with a couple of the tires on the trailer. The belts broke on a couple of them, and they were lucky they were warned by a passing motorist before the tires blew out. We all know what happens then... right Rene!

After stopping to have 4 new Good Year's installed, they made the rest of the 1,500 mile trip to Frostproof with any further mishaps.

It did not take them to long to get set up, and start to enjoy the great spacious lot they have here at Rainbow.

This is their first year on the road, so they are some pumped up for a great winter!

After they got set up an plugged in this afternoon, they made it down to our site for happy hour, and some wind down time. Judy put on a great baked lasagne dinner for us all tonight, so there are a bunch of happy campers in Frostproof tonight!

I am sure to the pleasure of some of my readers, you will be pleased to hear it was cooler here temperature wise this morning, with a breeze blowing... After lunch things blew off, and it improved, but certainly not one of our typical 80 deg. days! Oh well, Judy says they are coming back soon!

Till tomorrow...



  1. That was a lucky tire break for your friends. Sure glad they caught it before the tire exploded.

    Driving through snow on the side of the roads yesterday as we head south I was thinking about you in Florida. I was also thinking about buying some Voodoo Dolls...just sayin'.

  2. You friends were lucky with their trailer tires, now they can relax and enjoy uyou wonderful Florida weather.

  3. Nice and cold here in Port Perry this morning. Glad your friends arrived safely....we are leaving on the 23rd can't wait only 10 more sleeps!!!

  4. That your friends were warned of the tire separation is a blessing. They avoided a potentially devastating blowout that can cause a lot of damage. Our blow out repairs cost slightly over $10, included. Good thing for insurance!!!!