Thursday, December 5, 2013

What's up..."the weather is!"

Beautiful day here in Frostproof! It was well into the 80's F. or over 30 C. depending on how you want to look at things... Tomorrow is even better so I am told by my weather person...(Judy)

Tonight Judy is in such great shape it is hard to imagine! This morning she was off to walking class, and then shortly after that finished she was in the pool exercise program, and finished off this afternoon by a Yoga Class... Not to be outdone...(but I was...) I cycled around the Park 4 laps which equates to over 4 miles this morning.

We took life easy this afternoon, and had plans out for tonight.

I mentioned before that there were a lot of folks with motorycles in our area of the park. They invited Judy and I out to join a local Motorcycle Club. They meet every second Thursday night down in Sebring. Above you see the meeting in Progress. About 70 members were out tonight. They are known as the "Ridge Road Runners." They run out of Highland County Florida.

The Club has organized rides every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday Afternoon, so lots of opportunities to ride. They have the meetings at the Sr.'s Club in Sebring, and you can get dinner before the meeting for next to nothing... Clubs like this ride to eat! Love it!

Till tomorrow...



  1. I can see you riding with that group.

    It cooled right down here today....but the temps are set to rise again.

  2. Wish we had some of your weather right now, but it is what it is here, looks like we are in the wrong place at the wrong time right now.
    Enjoy you motorcycle tours and sunshine.

  3. This morning here on the Island we are at 0C (which is against all local rules and regulations) so it was just delightful to read that it's 30C in your area...NOT!!!!

  4. How fortunate you are to have such nice weather. We just escaped from Indianas ice and snow to Alabama's rain and mild temps.