Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Back in the Saddle again...

Yes, it is good to be back...(no pun intended...) My old wonky back was feeling quite a bit better this morning, and behaved properly throughout the day. Not at 100% just yet, but certainly headed that way.

Our Walki Talkie was just a buzzing this morning, as our neighbours Mark and Marsha wanted us to join them on a motorcycle trip up to the northern end of Winter Haven to visit the Honda Motorcycle Dealer. Why not???

Ya, look at that beautiful sky in the photo's above... our weather was back today as well, with lots of sun, and hitting into the 80's! Loved it! The upper picture is our neighbour Doyle, with his Honda Goldwing that he just had triked! The yellow bomb you see below is Marsha's Goldwing which was also triked. They are a very popular mode of transportation around here!

Our neighbour Leonard was getting his Harley ready to ride, as we are parked outside the Honda Dealer.

I took the opportunity to buy a new air filter for my Honda Shadow while I was there... mine was done after 53,000 klms.

We all spent 45 minutes in the Dealership kicking all the tires and looking at stuff... some of us had to sit down and take a break! It was a great day for riding.

Above is a brand new Goldwing Model they just brought out... built to please the younger riders out there now a days...only $21,000.00 U.S. Dollars, and you too can drive it home.

We toured all around the country today, and enjoyed a fantastic lunch at a Family Restaurant. When you are our age, you drive to eat!

Certainly was good to get back out and about, and feeling better to boot!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Glad that old back is feeling much, much better. Good to get out and run with the wild ones again.

  2. Awesome! Riding with a bunch of like minded folks is a nice way to spend the day. Nice trikes!

    Glad to know that your back is healing too. Nothing worse than back pain!

  3. If you're out riding your bike then your back must be feeling pretty good. Glad to hear that.

  4. Nice that you back is feeling better and you can enjoy some more great weather.