Thursday, May 29, 2014

An awesome day...

Just a terrific day here in Ottawa... a bit overcast but what can you do. The sun finally came out about 7:00 p.m. this evening...
This morning Judy and I walked Emmie the 3 klms. over to her school... we had a blast with her as we made the 20 minute walk...
She was king of the castle in the pic below, on her way to school...
Emmie was all excited that we got to walk her over to the School... the first time she walked! Usually she takes the school bus.
What a surprise we had at supper tonight... Emmie lost her 5th tooth! She was all was a bottom tooth. She is holding it in her hand above, and it only bled for a minute. Guess the Tooth Fairy is on her way to Ottawa tonight!
This afternoon, Jenn took care of a couple todlers that belong to good friends, and they decided to fire up the jumping centre! Check this puppy out!
This evening we got to watch Emmie and Paige take in their 1/2 hour swimming lesson, which is held at a brand new swimming/rec centre in Kanata. What a building!

Both the kids are doing very well in swimming, a skill that is needed in life I feel!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Your right sounds like an Awesome day. I agree swimming lessons are very important for everyone.

  2. I love that air powered jumping centre. Sounds like fun for young and older kids.....!

    Swimming lessons should be a must for every one. Kids do love water.