Friday, May 9, 2014

Grounded again...

After feeling better yesterday, I though that I would wake up this morning and be ready to take on the world! Well, not quite it seems...

Seems this little bug I picked up is tougher than I thought it would be... so, another day of taking life easy... good thing I didn't have to go to work today, as I would have called in sick!

This evening we did get out of the RV for a bit, as Chris and Kristina invited us into the house for a pizza party to celebrate an early Mother's Day! We will be heading to Orillia on Sunday to be with my Mom, so Kristina wanted to spend time with her Mom tonight! Works for me.

Judy was presented with a Mother's Day Gift, which was a joint present from both Shawn and Kristina... she has an expert gift opener working with her above, as Charlie couldn't stay away from all that wraping paper.

When it was all opened, Judy found out the kids picked her up a new Fitbit Zip! WHAT... you might ask?

This is one cool little electronic device...


Fitbit Zip measures some key information while you are out exercising... the number of steps you take, the number of calories you burn, and the distance you have travelled. If you have your iPad, or iPhone handy, the Fitbit will automatically transfer the information to your device in a few short seconds. All you do is clip the device somewhere on your person, and you are set to go!

Once you have it set up on your iPad or iPhone or whatever, you can open graphs and all kinds of things, to see how your workout went. It also is a great way to track your records over a period of time.

Judy has not had a chance to try it out yet, but has it all set up on our iPhone 5 and her iPad Mini, so is set to go!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Charlie's going to love Christmas this year!

    Fitbit sounds like a neat gizmo and guess what? I don't have one!!

  2. Nice toy for Judy. shake that bug and get well soon, the weather is too nice out there.

  3. I had not heard of a FitBit till I read your blog. Interesting!!!

    I am still working on shaking my cold. I felt fine the day before yesterday but that changed for the worse late yesterday afternoon. Hope you shake it soon.