Saturday, May 10, 2014

Jump right to summer!

Wow, what a turn around in our weather... the past few days have been great. Today was the explanation point on the week! Beautiful sunny day, well over 22 deg. C.

This morning we were off to our walking track, as Judy was just keen to try out her new techno gizmo, or her new Fitbit Zip.

We put in a one hour work out, and she told me every statistic you would ever want to know about it!

The Fitbit syncs right to our iPhone 5 with the App loaded, so before she got out of the dressing room I could tell how her walk went... The numbers above are for the whole day, so she reached her goal of 10,000 steps on the day. You have to do a lot of walking to reach that goal! I figured that the 1,441 calories burned would allow me to go and have a Big Mac at Micky D's... but apparently this is not the way things work... rats!

You can graph all the info and above you see where the graph took off on the calory burn when we were walking this morning...

This afternoon was so nice, it was time to get the machines out!

We loaded up the motorcycles, and headed out to the Big City of London, Ontario. This is just a nice one hour drive, even better on a day like today. This is the first ride we have taken since we have arrived back in Canada - felt good! More to come...

I wanted to head over to London, to visit a Hobby Shop over there. I needed some airplane glue! Yes, I think over the next while, I am going to try and build another airplane to fly. Want to fix up my existing one as well, it has been a while, but will try to start flying again! Gotta go and survey for trees!

Of course that is a special glue you have to use on your styrofoam airplanes... the 2 oz. bottle cost $10.95! Use sparingly... if you are not careful, you can glue your fingers together real easy with this stuff, as it cures in less than 10 seconds! You have to be quick!

Till tomorrow...



  1. It sure was a beautiful day, nice that you were able to get out on you bikes. Some nice back roads to London too.

  2. Does that new gizmo track the calories in Timmy's donuts while you are eating one? If so, that's TMI!!

  3. That scene with the motorcycles works on my riding juices so it's off on a Whistler BC ride with like minded friends today. We celebrated Mother's day on Saturday.......

    That glue must be that price.