Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Big Birthday Bash...

Yes, today was Charlie's 1st. Birthday Party, and we all had a ball! Kristina and Chris had all the Families over for a nice BBQ Dinner this afternoon. The weather was quite a bit cool, but we all survived, and the sun came out for a bit this afternoon. The theme for Charlie's Party was the moustach! Kristina did a great job around this theme...

She even supplied them for those that did not have one... like me! Gwenny was supposed to hold her's up in the picture, but no way....

Gwenny was a big helper to Charlie, in opening all his gifts... Gwenny lucked out, as she received a lot of presents as well, just so she would not feel too left

Charlie got a bunch of toys and cloths, and really liked this fire engine above... now if you can believe it, my iPhone ran out of battery today of all days... Judy forgot her camera at the RV, so I do not have a full compliment of pictures...

I try and get some off of Kristina's blog, as it was crazy when Charlie starting eating his birthday cake!

Best part was, everyone had a great time! Well done Chris and Kristina!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Happy Birthday Charlie, nothing quite like a first birthday party!

  2. What fun! Hard to beat those family get together; whatever the reason.

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  5. Happy Birthday, Charlie! Cute pics of both the grands!

    You need a lesson in mustache wearing, John.

  6. What a sweet birthday boy!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard