Sunday, May 4, 2014

Well, at least it didn't rain...


Yes, we actually got to see that big ball of fire in the sky today, for the first time in a long while... the problem is, it still did not warm up much, with temperatures only in the low 50's on the F. scale.

After a big trip yesterday to the Big Smoke of Toronto, today was spent taking life very easy. All I really did this afternoon was watch the Toronto Raptors play game 7 against the Brooklyn Nets...


Toronto lost the game in the crunch at the end by one point. No, I am not an avid basketball fan, even though I did play on the Division Winning Park Street Collegiate Team, back when I was in grade 9. I only watched as it was a game 7, and it was a Toronto Team. A lot of media were yapping about the Refs in this one...all stacked up against Toronto. I don't know about that... I watched a lot of the game, and as far as I was concerned, Toronto did not play all that great, and Brooklyn just outright beat them as the better team today.

What is really amazing, is the number of fans that now come down to Maple Leaf Square to party and watch the game. This square is right outside the front of the Air Canada Centre, or ACC as it is known. Up to 5,000 people can now enter the square, rain or shine, to take in the games, plus the 20,000 or so people who actually go inside the ACC to watch the games. Of course, it is not free to get into Maple Leaf Square, but you can enjoy a beverage, and watch the game on the Biggest TV you have ever laid your eyes on!

This TV is really big, and is crystal clear. It measures 50 feet high, by 80 feet wide! You can't miss a thing on it! Sure makes for a great party time watching the games, but I think I am past my prime to be going down and watching the game outside in the cold! My couch seems a whole lot better option.

LG provided the monster screen, as well as the other 700 HD TV's that are scattered all over the ACC. It is a digital world we live in! Life is good!

Till tomorrow...



  1. It's nice to see a crowd like that gathered for the game. Here in Vancouver it would end in a riot.

  2. The sunshine was so nice to see, soon it will warm up.

  3. The Raptors created a great buzz for basketball in Ontario....and Canada too. Good on them for going as far as they did.

  4. Toronto is more civilized than Vancouver it seems. When Vancouver loses a game 7 and it's shown on an outside large screen the bozos go out and destroy the downtown core!