Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I went all winter without...

However, it caught up to me today, as I am under the weather today with a cold. I could feel it coming on the past couple days, but it caught me today.

Went for a very light walk this morning with Judy, but only for 1/2 an hour or so... after that, I just took life easy...

Judy joined Kristina and the kids, on a shopping day trip over to London for the day. The highlight was when they stopped at the local McDonalds for lunch, and they had one of those fancy indoor playgrounds... you know the ones I mean.

Well, now that Gwenny is a "Big Girl", she apparently took over the playground!

You climb all through the tubes, and then come down the slides... right up her alley.

Charlie wanted to join in but will have to wait a bit till he is ready to rumble at Mickey D's.

They made the rounds at the Masonville Mall in London, with Judy picking them up a couple fancy sippy cups that you see them drinking out of. They were a big hit today. When all the money was gone, they came

Till tomorrow... cough - cough


  1. I too am fighting a, you are not alone. I caught it from our grandkids. Easton & Brie both have colds....and I had to share, I guess.....!

  2. No fun having a cold this time of year. Mickey D's is a place I expect to be hanging out at in the not too distant future.

    Gwenny does like slides!

  3. No fun having a cold anytime of the year. Get well soon and maybe you can go to Mickey D's next time too.