Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ottawa or bust...

The good news is that we did not bust! However it was a long 575 Klms. over to Ottawa today, that took us about 6 1/2 hour to drive. It was overcast most of the drive, and things had cooled down a bit when we hit Ottawa, but things warmed up real quick when we found Paige and Emmie!

Judy brought new PJ's for the kids, so as soon as we arrived, they had to put them on... They are giving Judy her Birthday present above...

Just after we arrived, Emmie wanted to go outside, as she can now ride a two wheel bike, and was just wanting to show us so bad how she can do it... That is Paige above, doing very well on her bike.

I took this video of Emmie above... she is doing great on the bike!

They had to show us how good they are at climbing in the Park as well... how come these kids grow up so fast????

We missed Shawn and Jenn's recent Anniversary, so we all went out to dinner tonight at their favourite restaurant, "The 3 Brewers". First time here for me, and it rated a 10 out of 10! Great everything here!

They also have their own brewery inside the restaurant...

I do not drink a lot of beer, however Jenn and Shawn thought it was real good! I would go back to this restaurant again!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Good beer, good food and good company sounds like you have it made!

  2. Great to see photos of Emmie and Paige again.

    I'll have to pass on the restaurant tip to our daughter who lives in Ottawa.

  3. What a nice visit with the Ottawa grand kids. And we concur, grand kids seem to grow up quickly - too quickly, so it seems.

    To rate a 10, that had to be one terrific restaurant and brew pub.