Friday, May 23, 2014

Another road trip finished...

Yesterday we headed out on a quick 2 day roadtrip... we wanted to get up to Orillia to see my Mom again, and fix a small computer problem she was having, and have a visit with her...

We decided on stopping in Richmond Hill and having a visit last night with Tom and Cheryl. They have now recovered from their winter in Florida, and are settled back into Ontario life. We had a great evening, with a nice BBQ dinner, and Cheryl whipped up a big slew of poached eggs this morning for breky! Thanks again you two!

We headed from thier place, up the 400 to Orillia and enjoyed a nice day with my Mom. Judy got on the laptop and fixed up the problems she was having with email and a couple others... and all is good again on her computer! Mom treated Judy and I to a nice lunch out at a local Family Restaurant, and then she was off to have her hair done... we headed back to Woodstock! We were lucky enough to get away a bit early, and missed a whole bunch of Toronto rush hour traffic as we zoomed by.

Kristina and Chris invited us for for a great pizza Friday night dinner, and we had a ball playing with the kids...

Check out this great picture of Charlie that Kristina took. She accused me of swipping it from her iPad and therefore scooping her on the blog picture! Ummmmm...ya, I might be guilty...

Couldn't resist it... it is a great a picture (sorry Kristina, "I love you...") .... check the pic out below I took of Charilie's first painting....Kristina spent time with him today with the paint brush out!

I thought he did pretty good for a 1 year old!

I received this picture of Gwenny which shows off her artistry at using her Magna Doodle... she loves using this thing while driving in the car.

Anyways, we are off again tomorrow, heading over to Cambridge to attend Deb and Gerard's Daughter's Wedding. Hopefully the weather is great!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Oh I forgive you, you photo thief you!

  2. You sure do get some long day trips in, enjoying visiting, have fun at the wedding.

  3. Great pic of Charlie crawling through that pipe! He's a good painter too, his painting is a lot better than some of Picasso's stuff I've seen.

  4. Well, you are packing up the miles with some nice visits with friends and mom. Why not?

    The grand kids are quite artistic and expressive.