Monday, May 26, 2014

Time to get the Q out...

I hope this weeks weather is a sign of the times, as I can take all of this you can throw at me... 28 deg. C. today!

I did a bit of work on the RV this morning, replacing the rubber toe steps on the steps coming into the RV. After 5 years of full time use, they were worn out. Not even going to show you pictures... it was not that exciting a job!

Later this afternoon, we had Chris, Krisinta, Gwenny and of course little Charlie out for a BBQ Steak Dinner... that kind of night! First though... it was time for some serious swimming and playing with pool noodles... you can see Charlie just biting at the bit to get in the pool with his sister...

Finally he made it... they had a ball in about 6 inches of water for over an hour... no way could I get them to look up at me to get a good picture... they were just too busy.


Gwenny was all excited we still had her "RV Chair" ready for her with the roof on it! You needed the shade today!

Charlie is all decked out in his PJ's ready for the sack!

Which leads to my favourite picture of the day... Gwenny playing hop scotch on our sidewalk leading to the RV. She only did this about 23 times tonight...

Till tomorrow...



  1. How can we not love this weather?
    Can stay like this till October then we will head south to nicer weather.

  2. Good fun with the grands and their folks. You are clearly enjoying some fine weather.

  3. Great action shot of hopscotching Jenny.

    Looks like you've got a couple of pool sharks on your hands there!

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