Monday, May 12, 2014

What kind of Blogger am I ??????

Wow... what kind of Blogger does not even post a blog on Mother's Day! Come on...

Well, let me at least tell you why... I ended up spending the whole day with my Mom, and enjoyed every minute of it, and simply had no time to blog! Judy and I were up on Sunday morning at 5:30, hitting the road just before 7:00 a.m. for the 3 hour drive up to Orillia. We wanted to get up there in time to meet Mom at her Church and attend the Service with her. We made it, making her day! After the service, Judy and I took her over to her favourite Restaurant, Swiss Chalet, and we enjoyed a nice lunch. Mom loved it!

We headed over to Mom's apartment after lunch, as Judy had work to do! Mom has a Windows 8 Laptop that my Brother Gord bought her, and it is going to replace her Windows XP computer for use on the internet. Judy wanted to upgrade it to Windows 8.1 which ended up taking a few hours for the download, but we did get it completed. Mom does a lot of desktop publishing expecially for her Church Work, and has a bunch of older programs that she used on her XP computer, and will continue to do so. She can do her email, and Banking, and other stuff on her laptop. Life is good again for her. We took her old XP computer right off the internet, so no more bugs for it!

On the way home Judy and I stopped and enjoyed dinner at Applebee's Restaurant in Barrie, to also celebrate our 40th can this be! Here is for 40 more!

Judy and I ended up not getting home till about 11:00 last night, and it sure was not blogging time!

Today was a nice warm day, but we had a bit of rain to make the grass grow... I was in doing a couple things early this morning at Kristina's place, and had to take a selfie with Gwenny and Charlie...


I was trying to explain what a "selfie" was to Gwenny, and it took a bit, but she caught on... you can see her looking at the picture on the iPhone while I take it... guess Charlie was too!

When I got back to the RV, received a surprise call, (the best kind...) from Debbie who said her and Gerard, Al, and Dale came to Woodstock this morning to golf, but got washed out! They came over to the RV for a visit... we had a great time getting caught up with each other! They were heading out to lunch so we joined them. Al wanted to make sure I took some pictures for the blog, as he is a very avid reader!

We headed over to the small Town of Innerkip to a local golf course for lunch... had a great time!

Did some walking at the track this afternoon, had to go back and give another blood sample at the lab, as they messed up last week... and spent an hour or so at our Bell Store, as Judy signed up for a phone plan using our Windows Phone that I sort of gave up on after trading it in for the iPhone 5. She is all set up, so go ahead and call her! (No, I am not allowed to give you her new number... lol)

Now I thought the pic above is real cool... Gwenny is putting a star on her Potty Chart! She is pretty much trained now, thanks to using this chart! Good idea on Kristina's part! She was all proud showing me where her star went... what a kid!

Till tomorrow...




  1. Mothers' Day kept us busy for two days, Nice that are both in this area. Some warm weather heading this way for a bit.

  2. Happy Anniversary, heres to 40 more

  3. Happy Anniversary you two! Fourty years is a milestone worthy of applause.

    What a gift to have spent Mother's Day with your mom.

  4. Mothers Day, 40th Wedding Anniversary, selfies with the grandkids, dinner out with friends - it's a pretty lame excuse for not blogging but you get a pass this year!!!