Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Great day for the Links...

Received a call from Kristina's Father in Law, David, asking me if I wanted to head out this morning and take on the Golf Course... great idea I thought! We did have some rain at 6:00 this morning, but by 8:30 we were all good to go.

Woodstock Meadows is a nice 18 hole course, very reasonable to play on, and lots of open spaces, which is good based on the way I play the game. We only got in 9 holes this morning, as we were concerned about the weather...(shouldn't have been worried...)

This afternoon was clean up time... after putting about 4,000 klms. on the motorcycle this past winter in Florida, today was clean up day.

It is a whole lot easier cleaning the motorcycle when it is about 1 1/2 feet up in the air, and the tires can turn. I took my time and worked away at it for a couple hours this afternoon. All set now for some nice Ontario rides! Good thing I put it back in the trailer when I was finished, as around dinner time this evening, it rained cats and dogs for about 15 minutes.

Off on another road trip tomorrow, as we are off to visit the Hollinger Gang over in Ottawa! Looking forward to it, and will probably fill in the rest of the week there. Watch out Emmie and Paige, Pop Pop is coming and he has a camera!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Sure was a wonderful rainy day. Nice that you got your bike cleaned and put away in time.
    Have great trip to Ottawa and enjoy some more family time.

  2. Our motorcycle needs a good detailing following a ride in the rain, recently. I have the very same motorcycle lift. That makes cleaning so much easier.

    Enjoy Ottawa and your family there.