Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Well now, that is a lot better!

It took till today, but the weather came through for us. Sunny, warm, no clouds... almost as good as Florida!

Today was the day to be outside, that was for sure! Judy went into Town early this morning, and wanted to take Charlie and Gwenny over to the Park, and give Kristina a bit of a well deserved break.

She had them all loaded up in the double stroller...

I am not sure what was happening in the picture above, but something sure was not going Charlie's way...

Gwenny is right into playing on all the big girl toys and equipment at the park this year! Ya, you needed your sunglasses here today!

Judy had them all lined up on the swing... looks like they had a blast!

Where was I??? Well, we had a bunch of Florida dirt left over on the Jeep, and it was in bad need of a cleaning, inside and out...

It got the top drawer treatment today, wash, full wax job, detailed inside! What a great day to be outside.

Next on the list is the motorhome, but that will be a little while yet... more good weather to come!


The picture above is a bit neat... on my way into Town, I drove by the CP Rail Yard in Woodstock, and they had this big truck, riding on the rails, but they had it hooked up and it was pulling some railway cars! It sure looked a little weird! New engine maybe???

Till tomorrow...


  1. I would love to wash our vehicles with this great weather, but with Plattsville water it is not possible,
    So we will just enjoy this awesome weather.

  2. Love the pic of Charlie and the ones of Gwenny in her stylin' shades.

    Your Jeep looks terrific. I guess I should move the wax job for my truck up a bit on my to-do list now!