Thursday, May 15, 2014

That seemed like a real fast year!

Guess who turned 1 year old today! Yes, Charlie turned one today, and was just a walking all around... well, you know what I mean, I think he is up to about 7 steps at a time now.

He didn't quite know what to make of this big bag of gifts that Judy arranged for him... but, he sure loved tearing into it!

He loved this stuffed animal that sings, and does a number of other things... he didn't seem so excited about the cloths Judy gave him... go figure! Chris and Kristina will be having a big Birthday Bash this Saturday afternoon with all the Families coming to celebrate. Can't wait!

Judy brought a small gift for Gwenny, so she does not feel left out. Gwenny thought these neat butterfly wings looked better on Balzac the cat rather than her! The cat just sits there and takes it all in... very mild mannered. Charlie pulls the cats hair and the cat simply will not move away... you have to see it.

Judy brought a colouring book for Gwenny as well, and as you can see, I joined in with Gwenny for a good old colouring contest! We had a ball. She was very good at picking out the crayons that I should be using, and also telling me what part of the picture I should be doing...


So, as you can see from the pictures above... I have started building another airplane. I got the itch, and realized that I had all the materials I needed to start this project, so will try and get it put together and see what I can do about getting it up in the air! I will keep you posted.

I had a big hole in my blog reading this morning, as one of our favourite bloggers, Rick, decided it was time to end his Travel Blog. Rick is a real popular Blogger, and I am sure he will be back, just in a different format. If any one sees a new blog kicking around soon, send me the link!

Till tomorrow...



  1. What fun... but warning.... we bought that same dog for a couple of our grandtots. Both of them do this strange thing... It will go off by itself sometimes at night with nobody touching it! Like sitting on a shelf. Seriously!

    Just so they are prepared.

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  2. Hey thanks for the tip! I'll be turning off it's offswitch before bed, just the sort of thing to wake me up! (And honestly I'm so glad it does have an off switch, as some things don't, we have this monkey that sings for half an hour and then is quiet until someone touches it again it's hard not to tell visitors, "No! Don't touch that monkey!")


  3. Lotsa fun with the young ones , enjoy.
    Ricks new blog is in your sidebar with the link.
    Still the same only different.

  4. Happy Birthday, Charlie! You are looking like a champ standing there all by yourself. Pretty soon your old Grandpa John won't be able to catch you I bet. Sure hope you got lots of Birthday Cake!

    Your going to fly again? Time to notify Central Command and get those drones in the air!

    Who's this Rick character anyway?

  5. Fun things to keep you busy and out of trouble. Hanging out with the grandkids and building a plane seems like perfect time burning activities.

    Oh...and by the way...Rick the blogger is back on line with his new blog and post #1