Monday, May 5, 2014

Ya, that was a dirty job for today...

In the middle of this past winter that we spent down in Frostproof, we had a nasty job that had to be done! If you remember, (not sure why you wouldn't...) the flapper control on our RV Toilet broke down... not good! It was not flushing properly. Instead of tracking down some spare parts to try and replace the flapper control, I decided what was really needed was simply a new toilet. We bought a new Dometic Toilet, and have been very pleased with it. It works great, with a new type of flushing system that does a great job... much better than our older one. The problem today occurred with the new toilet. It was smaller than our old one, so when I replaced it, our flooring we had installed back the previous year, did not match up with the new toilet...too short! Ouch! When we had the floor installed, we never thought of having to replace the toilet, so decided not to remove the old toilet for the floor installation. We had a tile floor installed by professionals, but the good news was that we had some extra tiles left over!

The bad new was that the replacement tiles we had, were up in Woodstock... that is why we had to wait till now to fix this little problem up. You can clearly see above, the outline of the old toilet, and actual pieces of our old hard flooring. The new Dometic Toilet has a smaller profile, so I ended up have to replace 4 tiles to get it to look right.

First I had to go to Home Hardware, and pick up a can of Tile Glue so that everything would stick together. The job went well, and the best part was that the old tiles came up with little fight. They were not cemented to the floor, only glued.

I used the old pieces of tile as a template for the new pieces that I had to cut, and everything worked out well.


It took about 2 1/2 hours, not including a 1/2 hour break to let the new glue set up before you can lay the tiles onto it. Looks brand new again, so this kept Judy happy, happy, happy!

Our weather improved a bit today, with actual sun out in the morning, and slowly starting to warm up! Had to run into the Lab this morning, and have blood taken to keep my Dr. happy... time will tell on that one! His turn is coming soon!

Till tomorrow...


  1. That is one professional looking job. Well done! Happy wife for sure.....!

  2. nIce job fixing that up. Happy wife= Happy Life!

  3. Those tiles are right up flush to the toilet, John. Nice job. I would never have gotten away with leaving it like it was either even though I may have tried.

  4. Well it has been quite a while since I have read your blog. (Life gets in the way & a bit of cancer Blurgh!)
    I spent a bit of time bouncing all around your blog reading snippets from here and there! Now it is time I get up and do something before fatigue hits again. We hope to be finished with our bus conversion within then month and then we are back on the road too! Just wanted to say G'day again.