Monday, June 16, 2014

A hot one today...

There is still one week of spring left, but you wouldn't know it around here... sunny and really hot here today!

Judy spent the morning in Town taking care of the kids while Kristina caught up on some house work. She took the kids to the local park, and they found the water pad!

Seems to me that Charlie is trying to pick up the drain cover above... might have a problem with that!

Judy and I were out on a spin in the country this afternoon, around the Town of Putman and came across a few neat things...

I didn't really know that this was in place, but above is about a 100 acre solar farm! It is huge! Don't know how much electricity it produces, but probably quite a bit! Probably corn used to grow here...


Do you need a new Chevy Equinox? Check them out above... Hundreds of them are parked in this corn field above... this is just outside Ingersol, Ontario, where the car is assembled by Cami. Apparenty this past winter was so severe in this area, they were unable to bring in the trains to transport them to the U.S.A. They still have not caught up on the shipping, and Cami keeps making more of them all the time! They are right across the road from the solar farm...

Till tomorrow...


  1. That is quite the line up of Chevy Sport Utes.....!

    Hot days are great for motorcycle rides.....!

  2. Gotta be loving this great weather, think its gonna be a hot summer too. Lov'n it!

  3. All those Chevy's have been outside in some pretty nasty weather for a long time. I'm not sure I'd want to buy any one of them!