Monday, June 23, 2014

Black! No, White! No No... Black...

After a break yesterday from car buying...(because it was Sunday...) we were back at it early today, although working from Woodstock, not London. We had to call the Business Mgr. of the Dealership to put the finishing touches to our deal... and then all the fun began!

When we left the Dealer on Saturday, we had a nice White Cruze in the bag. We were making arrangements for Extended Warranty for the vehicle. We had decided upon buying the extra Warranty rather than a real nice Sunroof and Pioneer Premium Sound System for the Car. (Ya, I was the one that wanted these two items...) Anyways, by the time all the figures were all ground up in the grinder and started spitting things out, we made a decision (thank you Judy!) that put the sunroof and Premium Sound System into our new car! Now, the next problem was... you got it, they did not have one in white of course, our preferred colour. However they did have the exact car we were looking for in black, so as I mentioned before, it seems to be a black or white world for us!

I think our Sales Agent kind of forgave me by the time we were finsihed switching things around this morning, but I guess he gets paid to do this...(I hope he does...)

This is the car that we will pick up tomorrow from the Dealership. Do not look too close, as it is all dusty from sitting out in the car lot. They will have it all cleaned up by tomorrow, I am sure! We have not driven this car yet, but I did check the odometer and it has all of 2 klms on it! We will soon fix that!

Judy did a bunch of work on the computer this morning posting a few items left over from our Jeep that we will not longer need... bike rack, kayak rack, and mototote that carries a motorcycle on the back of the Jeep. If you are looking for any of this stuff, shoot me an email or smoke signal.

We did get about 1/2 an inch of rain in about 1/2 an hour this afternoon, just to keep things green!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Looks like black it is then, a least you got what you wanted, almost.
    No rain here just a nice warm sunny day.

  2. Nice to see your new wheels only have 2km on it so it hasn't been raced around the streets by some dealer-jockey!

    Glad to see you got your wanted toys in the new car too!

  3. I vote black! It is one of my favourite automobile colours....but, then again, I also like white. What colour to choose........?????