Monday, June 30, 2014

I scored 13 out of 20... not too bad!

Had to do my airport pickup last night, so no blogging took place... Judy, Kristina, and Gwenny are back safe from their Edmonton trip. Did not get home till around midnight or so... so it was a long one. A great time was had by all!

I was reading CNN's iPad App the other day, and they posted their top 20 places to go out and visit in the great U. S. of A. I took a look through and thought I would see how I scored! 13! Not bad. How many have you hit?

In no paticular order they are:


Yellowstone National Park... looks like an amazing spot, have not made it yet!


The City of Washington. We were there for 4 days this spring and it was simply amazing! Go!


San Francisco! We spent 3 days here, and another amazing City to visit! Fisherman's Wharf was great, as well as the Bridge of course!


The Big Apple! Our Son, Shawn worked here for quite a while, and I went down to visit him. What a spot! Visited Ground Zero, Time Square... Madison Square Gardens for a Hockey Game! You have to visit the Big Apple at least once!


The great City of San Diego, and the great beaches at La Jolla. This was one of my favourites to visit! We stayed here a while, and enjoyed it all. The beaches are just as they describe, or even better! A must see!


Yosemite National Park looms large as a great place to visit, but we have not made it yet.


Honoluu in Hawaii... fantastic beaches here as well, and lots to do and see. We were here on a cruise and really enjoyed it! Another must go to!


Disney World Resorts in Orlando, Florida. We have been there the past couple years now, compliments of Judy's brother Garry, and his Wife, Shelly. We have had a blast here both years, and plan on going again this November!


The U.S. Virgin Islands. We have visited these Islands on a couple cruise and put this on your must see list while you are making it up! You can buy cheap gold here... or you could at one time!



Alaska... many people visit here on Cruises... we have not made it... too cold for me!


Cape Cod. You would think living near the East Coast we would have visited Cape Cod... but not yet!



The Windy City...(Chicago) Shawn worked here for a while on a Medical Rotation, so we went to visit. What a spot... World Class City with everything to see and do. Great Aquarium that we visited. Took in a hockey game here as well.


Jackson Hole in Wyoming. Great views and wildlife... have not made it here!



We have been to the Grand Canyon quite a few times, and it never gets old! When you are there... be careful, there are no guard rails and it is a long way down! Must See!!!


Charleston, South Carolina. We spent a few days here on our way home this spring and were amazed! Worth the trip, tons of American History here! Lots to see and do.


What can you say about Sin City! We have made it to Vegas a number of times, and have lived to tell about it... well, some things had to "stay in Vegas!", but you get the drift. It never stops! We stayed at an RV Park with the nicest Office of any Park we have ever stayed at.


The Big Easy. We took the trip and enjoyed the French Quarter. We drove our motorcycles right downtown, and left them parked on the road! They were there when we returned! We were there a few years ago, and still could not get over the destruction left from the Huricane...


Seattle is famous for it great seafood... I have not been able to try it yet, but would love to visit the Space Needle!


Aspen is another one of those places you would visit to see the great sights... we have not made it yet!


I feel I have left the best to last. MAUI... what a spot. We hit this Island for a day on a Cruise with John and Pat with us. We ended up renting two new Harley Davidson Motorcycles, and spent the day driving around the Island. I cannot describe the day other than amazing. You HAVE to go and visit Maui...

So, there you go. What a wish list. I thought I was doing pretty good to hit 13 of them. There is one place that we visited, that I was disappointed it did not make the top 20 list. Death Valley. I was totally impressed visiting here, and would go back in a minute!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Death Valley is on out list maybe this year!

  2. Hmmm........I only scored 9! That's what I get for living on an island I guess!

    Nice blog - interesting.

  3. 14 considering both pre fulltiming vacations and since we began traveling. Will try to visit all 20.