Saturday, June 21, 2014

Things in our world are either black or white...

Well, Judy and I have had a kinda busy last two days. We have spent all day Friday, and all of today over at Ray Cullen Chevrolet, looking and poking at new cars. (Ray Cullen used to play for the New York Rangers, and Minnesota North Stars in the NHL...)

The long and the short of it is, that we will come away driving a new 2014 Chevy Cruze! As in the picture above, it is a nice white one, which is the very opposite of our 2006 Black Jeep Liberty. (Hopefully a lot cooler in the warm weather) We really liked the new Chevy Cruze that we selected... it is fully loaded including a very rich looking full leather interior, cast alluminium sport rims, and a ton of other options that we have never had in a car, including the newer passive key entry, allowing you to just have the keb fob on you or in your purse, while you enter the car and just push the start button on the dash. The Cruze also as a remote starting feature we have never had, along with a real nice rear colour camera that displays on the 7 inch dash console screen to show you what you are going to run over while you back up! We will be able to enjoy heated seats if things also cool down too much.

This is a picture of the interior of the Cruze, which we felt had a cool loking dash and controls including a leather wrapped steering wheel.

These cars really come fully equipped, and also are rated high when it comes to fuel economy. On the highway, it is rated at 54 mpg, while achieving 36 mpg in city driving, and 43 mpg combined! This thing know how to squeeze an imperial gallon of gas! OK, so this is a bit better than the old Jeepster, who has yet to find a gas station it does not like! (The Jeep is only getting around 20 mpg or so... even a lot worse in City driving...) Judy and I do a lot of driving, so believe it or not, the difference in cost of fuel between the Jeep and the Cruze, will just about pay for the Cruze! General Motors also has a lot of incentives to purchase a new Cruze right now as well, and this helped sway our decision, along with a $500.00 gas card from the Dealership when you purchase a car. Have I convinced you yet??? Also considered was the fact our Jeep was 8 years old, with over 230,000 klms on it now.

Also in contention was the Chevy Volt pictured above, which is an electric/gas powered car. We were very impressed with the Volt, we drove it and loved it. Problem is the cost is still very high to purchase a Volt, even after they recently reduced the price, and there are no additional incentives to purchase or lease. They will not even lease you a Volt in Canada, as they are not sure yet what the Volt will be worth in 3 or 4 years time. So if you want to hug and tree, and drive a Volt, it will cost you. We decided upon the Cruze, due to great incentives, and a super car to drive, with great fuel economy.

We get to enjoy our new Cruze next Tuesday...

Till tomorrow...



  1. Congrats on the new wheels. Looks awesome. I don't think you will be doing any back roads in DHS with that though!!

  2. Congratulations on that mighty fine set of new wheels to replace the Jeep. That fuel mileage will go a long way this coming winter. I look forward to your collective comments on the wheels once you have had several months under your belt.

  3. Nice new set of wheels, and the gas mileage is really a great bonus too.

  4. Great looking wheels, John! The Cruze was high on our list of cars we liked when we bought Paulette's Honda Civic a few years ago.

    In the end, our 25 years of good luck with Honda's won out but I'm sure we'd have been very happy with the Chevy Cruze.

    I remember Ray Cullen playing in the NHL.