Sunday, June 15, 2014

Another quick whirl wind tour...

Never did get to Blogging last night, as I was too busy.... On Saturday I made the decision to drive up to Bracebridge, which is about a three hour drive north, to attend a retirement Party for an Assistant Manager that used to work with me at Scotia Bank. She had been working in Gravenhurst for 40 years, and she said it was time to go! No kidding! She was happy, and we all had a great night. I got to enjoy the trip and the evening with David and Angella, and stayed overnight at their place in Bracebridge. Thanks again guys!

When I left this morning, I drove down the Beach Road, between Gravenhurst and Bracebridge, and took this picture of Lake Muskoka. It is a beautiful area, and people pay in the the Millions for cottages on this lake.

When I made it back to Woodstock, we had an invite from Chris and Kristina to join them out at a park in Aylmer for a Father's Day Picnic. It was a great day to do this...

Gwenny looks pretty happy, if you look right behind her in the picture, you can see a brand new splash pad in downtown Aylmer...she loved it! Charlie did too!

Chris' Mom and Dad came out as well, we all had a blast.

Gwenny found the park as well...


Chris's Brother joined us with his wife as well, and after we had our picnic, he went over to the Aylmer Soccer Field to play a league game. We all went to watch, with Gwenny wanting a horsey ride while on my knee! (She is getting heavy!!!)

Great weekend, great Father's Day! Relaxing now...

Till tomorrow...


  1. Another busy day and fun for father's day. A good idea to take it easy.

  2. Hard to beat a family picnic with kids and grand kids. Nice Father's Day weekend!

  3. Love Gwenny's stylin' sunglasses! Glad to see you had a nice Father's Day with your family.