Thursday, June 26, 2014

A quick turn of events...

After I got back from doing my exercises this morning, I received a call from our Salesman over at Ray Cullen Chevrolet in London, telling me that it had been determined that our new 2014 Cruze was not on the list of airbag problems. This was a new problem that grounded Cruze sales, in that the inflator module on the airbag had a bad switch which could ground out against the frame of the car, and cause the airbag not to inflate if it should be. Our Salesman told me that the White Cruze we had looked at (sans sunroof...) was on the suspect list, and cannot be delivered at this point.

They had our Cruze all gassed up and nice and clean by the time I got there this afternoon. That is John at the rear of the car, installing our licence plates on the new car, off the Jeep in the background.

After I got home, the car told me I only used about 4 1/2 ltrs. of fuel to cover the 60 + klms. so this maybe is a good sign! This is one of the big selling features we liked about this car... the good economy at the pumps, which are stuck at $1.42 a ltr. here! Ouch! The Jeep could barley start up on 4 1/2 ltrs. of gas!

Oh ya, I had that brand new sunroof open all the way home! Love it! (Thanks again, Judy...) Had to close it when I got home, as it rained hard for about 1/2 an hour...

Judy had a great day in Edmonton, and made me promise not to be out driving all around with the new car! You can see below there were only 5 klms. on the clock when I picked it up! It did have only 2, but they took it out to fill it up with gas for us, so that is OK in my books. Ray Cullen also gave us a nice $500.00 Petro Canada Gift Card, so that will go a long way at the pumps!

OK, so no more pictures of our new car... I promise!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Be proud of your new wheels. Hearing so much bad news about stopping sales of the 'Cruz', I wondered if yours would be held back . Good news indeed !

  2. Nice set of wheels, enjoy the fuel savings.

  3. Congrats on the new car, John - looks great. Hope those airbags never have to be used!!