Thursday, June 12, 2014

Girl's night on the Blog...

Turned into a nice day for Election Day here in Ontario! Nice and warm, not much rain, so hopefully people get out to vote! Judy and I headed into Woodstock to exercise out vote this afternoon...

Either one of Kathleen Wynne (Liberal) on the left, Andrea Horwath (NDP)in the centre, or Tim Hudak (Progressive Conservative) on the right will get to call themselves our Premier, probably around 10:00 or so tonight by the time they count enough of the votes...

Other than voting we just completed a bunch of errands around Town we had to do, dropped in to see Kristina for a few minutes, allowing her to get out and vote, and then an hour at our walking track to keep in shape!

Jennifer posted a couple great pictures of Emmie and Paige recently. The kids were all decked out for Dance Recitals and did they ever look great.

That is Paige above, and two shots of Emmie below...

They will have to pack up their too-too's pretty soon, as the move is getting very close down to Tennessee...

Here is a great shot of Gwenny in her new "element"... and that is playing "Dora Candyland". This is a board game, and Gwenny almost attacks Judy and I when we enter the house to play with her. She is not even three yet, but look at me trying to read the rules to the game on the table in front of me! Yes, Gwenny won the game.... I am going to have to go on the internet and figure out how to win this game!

Now I have to get on my horse and find some pictures of Charlie... where has he been lately????

Till tomorrow...


  1. I figured you would do you civic duty and vote. It would be nice to see a better than 40% voter turnout.

    You will find yourselves spending more family time in Tenessee, in the future.

  2. The girls look adorable, as always! What cute little dancers - love the gap-toothed smile.

  3. They look so beautiful in their tutus. Love the smiles too!

  4. the girls are all getting so big! how on earth did that happen?

  5. They are sooo cute in their tutu's. And the girls are getting so grown up.