Monday, June 9, 2014

Pool time...

Made our way back to the RV this morning, after enjoying a great hot tub, breakfast, and overall great time up in Waterloo with Deb and Gerard! Thanks again you two!

Today was a blister of a day, with temps nearing 28 deg. C. Must be time for the swimming pool! Kristina loaded the gang up and spent the afternoon with us out by the RV and pool.

Gwenny was chilling out in her RV chair, placing her hat up on the roof of her chair...smartypants!

Chris is convincing her it is OK to get in the 84 deg. F. pool... it took a bit and the ball helped.

The old water jet trick through the noodle is always a big hit...

This was Charlie's first time in the pool, and he loved it... he will be back!

Judy cooked up a great Chili dinner for us tonight to enjoy...perfect night.

The block job on the house was finished up yesterday, and the blocks evened out once Chris made his way to the top of the old door frame! Perfect!

Back on the road again tomorrow... heading up to Orillia for a couple days, with a stop by our Financial Planners in Barrie...(gotta check to see if there is any money left...)

Till tomorrow...


  1. Your temps have heated upwards. The pool is a must have on those hot days.

    Hope your financial planner has served you well!

  2. Gotta love this much warmer weather and access to a nice pool. Keep having too much fun there.

  3. Good luck with your financial planner! Hope his last name isn't Madoff!

    Nice to see the kids in the swimming pool already.

    Gwenny's just as cute as ever.