Friday, June 6, 2014

What??? Back to the Park again???

We must be living well here in Ontario, as we are being rewarded by fantastic weather! Another great day with lots of sun and warm temps.

Judy had me in tow again early this morning, as we headed into Town to spend the morning with Gwenny and Charlie again at the Park. No Problem! These kids are right into Park life right now, and they are not really high maintenance while we are there...

For some variety in life, we headed over to Southside Park today... it is a real nice park for young kids...


Before we headed over though, Gwenny had to show us how she has mastered her new trike!


Ya, you are seeing right above... no need to rub your eyes... that is a collie taking a swing at the Park. That is his owner on the left who brings the dog here on a very regular basis to play with the kids...

After the swing, the dog was ready for a few runs down the slide of all things...

...and down he goes! This dog is very friendly, and loves all the kids, they pat him and play with him all day!

This afternoon we headed over to the Standard Tube Trail for a nice 2 1/4 mile walk on a great afternoon...

We noted the Rotary Club made lots of upgrades to the trail system this year... it is in great shape!

Our thoughts and Prayers are with the RCMP in New Brunswick tonight, as they deal with the loss of three of it's Members who lost their lives in recent events in Moncton. It is hard to believe this still happens in our Country, however it does. The people of the City may rest a little easier tonight with a suspect now in custody.

Till tomorrow...


  1. We are having such perfect weather right now, and just think soon summer will be here.

  2. First time I've ever seen a dog on a swing!

    Great to see Gwenny and Charlie outdoors and having fun.

    Very sad story about the Mounties who were killed in New Brunswick. Pretty senseless as usual.