Sunday, June 1, 2014

June 1st.! Love it!

What a great day to start the month of June with... just perfect sun and warm weather! Let's keep it going!

This afternoon we decided to take a ride out on our motorcycles... perfect day for it. We had lots of big time places to hit on my planned ride.

We took a circle tour south of us... starting out with Ingersoll....

Ingersoll is not that big a spot, but one of the bigger ones we hit today! Next we were on to Tillsonburg.

We got off the bikes here, as we wanted to check out the Rotary Clock Tower...

This is a bit of a landmark in the downtown core and was built by the Rotary Club. It was dedicated to one of the members who installed the fancy clock works in the tower.

This contraptcion actually runs the clock. Next on our list was Delhi...

They used to grow all kinds of tobacco in this area, but that has all come to a grinding halt of course... I think there may still be a bit of it growing but not like it used to be. Looks to me like they are now growing some commercial peanuts and other crops...


I am not sure, but I think the peanuts are growing under these shelters... there are acres and acres of these coverings to protect from the sun, and there was lots of sun today!

Last stop of the day was in the Village of Norwich, and a stop at Ritchies! Ice cream to order! We enjoyed!

That was about it for today... just enjoyed a nice BBQ Chicken Dinner.

Till tomorrow...


  1. Looked like a nice circle motorcycle tour. Can't beat a nice ride in nice weather.

  2. Enjoying your regular blog posts (grew up in Woodstock myself). Where do you park for this summer? I suspect those black shelters may be for ginseng.

  3. That is a nice area, there is some nice roads along Lake Erie from Long Point west lots of inlets and small towns to explore.
    Those black covers were for ginseng, after the tobacco went away.

  4. Nice tour and I really liked the looks of that old ice cream stand!