Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy Canada Day Weekend...

July 1st is Canada Day, and our Park is filling up this afternoon with some great weather forcasted for the Weekend!

Spent life very east today... with such great weather this morning I just had to get out and wash down that new car. I got it dirty yesterday in the rain on the way home. Nice and clean now... oh ya, and maybe I did put 2 coats of Mother's Paste Wax on it today to make it slip through the air easier! Looks great now, but I promised you no more pictures, so you have to just believe me.

After the cleaning I used Armour All Leather Conditioner on the leather seats... worked just great! Loved it! Makes them look and feel brand new... oh wait.... it is brand new... sorry.

I did go out for a tour around Woodstock in it today, and I have a few thoughts and comments on the new vehicle. First impressions are lasting they say... we will see.

Yes, I had the sunroof open all day... right on!

I started driving cars when I was 16 years old... a lot of things have changed since then... I always had to use a key to open and start my car... it seems not any more!

Seemed pretty easy, insert key and turn...engine starts! Well, it is not that way any more...

This is a picture of my new key!

As you can see above... there is no real key, unless you hit the silver button top left and then you get...

THE KEY! But it is for emergency use only to open the door of the car if your FOB battery goes dead.

With the new system, all you do is have the FOB with you, get in the car... push start button and everying starts up, including the motor, and away you go. Hit the start button again to stop the motor when finished driving., Today, everytime I got in the car I wanted to stick that stupid key somewhere!!! I don't like it in my pants pocket, so I put the keys in the cup holder... problem is when you get out of the car... it beeps 3 times at you to tell you that you will soon lock your FOB in the car! Oh boy.... this will take a little getting used to. If I had my druthers... I would rather have a key hole!

Here are a couple features I do really like... Blue Tooth!

I paired my iPhone 5 to the Cruze, and now all is good. As soon as I get in the Phone is connected directly to the Car, so you can make or receive phone calls, hands free from the steering wheel. Big Bonus in Ontario now, as you go to jail almost for holding a phone in your hands! (Rightfully so... people still text and drive here...) A nice bonus to the blue tooth is that I can stream my 800 songs on the iPhone over the Pioneer Sound System in the Cruze...awesome! No wires! Don't even have to take the phone out of the pouch on my waste! My entire phone book also displays on the screen to find phone numbers...

That little round knob up on the front dash is the Car's alarm system... don't have a clue how to set it at this point... please don't come to try and steel the car until I get it working please!

Now check this out below... i was impressed! This car comes with GM Onstar, and I downloaded the Remote Link App on my iPhone.

As you can see, I can tell simply by looking at my phone, that I have 51 L. of gas in the tank...or 85% of the tank is full. I have 99% of my oil life left before I need an oil change. I have travelled all of 82 klms with the vehicle since I picked it up yesterday, and I am obtaining 9.4 ltrs. of gas to 100 klms. travelled! Awesome! There is more!

I can tell by looking at my iPhone, whether I locked my car when I left it or not! It tells me the status of the locking system! I can't tell you how many times I have left the car and could not remember if I locked the car or not! Go figure! No more. I was able to lock the car while sitting inside it this afternoon using my iPhone! Am I wired up or what??? Techno John! This App will also tell me where the car is! As if I am going to lose it! Oh ya, and for whatever reason, I can start the car using my iPhone from anywhere... again, not quite sure why, but there must be some reason to do it. For fun, I can also make the horn and lights flash from my phone... I guess to scare people... or find the car in a parking lot I guess! You can do all this, as the Cruze is hooked up to the internet through the Onstar. Whats next!

These are just a few thoughts and comments on the new wheels... some good, some maybe not so good, who knows...time will tell.

Till tomorrow...


  1. Wow wow wow !!

    We are still driving our little trooper ... 2002 Sunfire.

    But, we love the looks of the Cruze, and are very impressed with how they come loaded.

    Very use full App!!

    I would love to be able to turn off the car while Teresa was driving it to the mall ... ha ha.

    Take care guys ... TnT

  2. All those new toys I guess is the way of today's computer world.
    Have fun with your new car/computer.
    Happy Canada Day weekend!