Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The day after...

Well, Ontario survived the wild weather that hit the Province yesterday. There was a confirmed tornado that hit down in Angus, Ontario...

How would you like to be home and look out your front window and see this baby coming at you!


There was a total of 100 homes that were substantially damaged, and will have to be taken down. The good news out of this was on 3 very minor injuries were sustained. People saw the tornado coming, and they went down into the basements of the homes. Frustration soon set in with the residents, as police will not allow them back into the area for a while yet.

We had no damage here in the Woodstock area, just a bunch of rain, and really high winds...good thing I had the awning in on the RV, or it might have been in the next county.

It rained a lot here again today, so Judy and I walked down at our indoor walking track. Had to take the Jeep into the Dealership today, as I am still having problems with the Check Engine Light. New was not real good, as I might have problems with the catalytic converter. We will see...

Till tomorrow...


  1. Such devastation in so little time by those powerful tornadoes. Glad to read that you were not in its path.

    Wishing you pleasing news with the 'check light' problem with the jeep.

  2. Tornadoes seem to be becoming the norm in many places this summer. Very scary but glad to hear no serious injuries.

  3. The tornadoes missed us too, only a little rain a light winds here in the Kawartha's.
    Good luck with the check engine light, we need to get that checked on our coach again.

  4. Sure glad that twister missed you guys. Quite a scary thing to see heading right at you.

    Hope the check engine light doesn't end up being anything too costly.