Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Whooopppsssss....no car today!

Well, we were all set to head over to London this afternoon, to pick up our fancy new car, and it seems some of the gleam has come off the deal!

I received a phone call just before we were ready to head out to London with our Jeep, telling me that GM placed a "STOP DELIVERY NOTICE" on all Chevy Cruze's! WHAT???

Last night I remember watching the Toronto Evening News on CTV, and they were talking about Honda doing a recall of over 2.2 MILLION Cars for faulty airbags! Seems some of these airbags have decided to just blow up at any old time, and when they do, they totally disintegrate! This is not good. A whole bunch of the other Car Companies also made big number recalls, although GM was not mentioned. These airbags were all manufactured by a Company in Japan.

From what I was told today, GM does not know if the Cruze has any of these airbags on board or not! Hhhhmmmmmmm.....better figure this out soon, as the Cruze has 10 airbags in it!

So, we are left up in the air (or holding the bag sort of...lol) at this point, not knowing if we will be able to take delivery of our new car or not. Wonder if they are burning any midnight oil at GM tonight?

Judy, Kristina and Gwenny were all packing bags today, as they head out west to Edmonton tomorrow. The West Jet Flight leaves just before 9:00 a.m. so we will be leaving Woodstock at 5:30 tomorrow morning! I am the driver!

They are going to be attending a Wedding for one of Kristina's friends, Amy, who has been to visit us here in Ontario many times.

Here is a sneak preview of Gwenny in her fancy Flower Girl Dress, and Kristina has had her practicing throwing flower pedals from a basket, getting ready for the big day Friday!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Good luck with the car thing, never know what you are buying these days anymore.

  2. GM had a massive recall with ignition system faults- one of the largest auto recalls in recent history!

    To not know the airbag manufacturer for the Cruze...or any of their cars...has to make one wonder.

    I hope you get your new car soon

  3. I'm sure Gwenny will be a big hit as a flower girl!

    Hope GM resolves the air bag question for you real soon.