Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Time for some research...

Judy has been involved for the past couple weeks in a research project. The name of the project is "Aerobic and Cognitive Exercise in Community-Dwelling Older Adults"

This projects looks at whether thinking exercises make a difference to an individuals physical exercise program. You have to be 55 plus to be involved, and it lasts for 6 months.

Judy was asked to volunteer to have an MRI preformed at the beginning of her program, and another at the end. Today was the first MRI day.

I tagged along for moral support for Judy as we made our way to London University Hospital. I actually got to stay in the MRI Control Room and watch...kind of cool. One thing I did not know, is that they have 2 brand new MRI Machines in this Hospital that are only used for research projects!

This pic above is a file picture of a very similiar MRI machine...

This is part of the control room where I got to watch all the action. There were two researchers that conducted the scan. Judy did a series of 10 electronic puzzles on a computer while in the MRI Machine. Judy was in the room directly through the windows you see above.

Pleased to report Judy's brain appeared to be in the right spot, as you can see on the screen above! The MRI took about an hour and a half.

Judy goes to three exercise classes a week now, for the next six months, and then back in the MRI.

All in the name of science...

Till tomorrow...


  1. What a good research project to be a part of. The final results should. be most interesting too.

    Sure glad you could confirm that Judy's brain was where it should be:) LOL

  2. That's sounds like a great project to be involved in. Exercise and be able to see the actual results.

  3. Interesting project.

    Thinking exercises sound a lot more attractive to me than aerobics! Hope the study comes to that conclusion so I can eliminate any unnecessary physical exercise!!